Untitled Poem # 2

Started something new that day

He placed a seed and watched it grow

Didn’t bury it very deep

But lifeblood did flow

It spurted forth green tendrils

Hands that kept climbing

But stretched too thin

The new life began dying

Discouraged he was not

Another seed he sought

Bury it deeper he would

Another life he thought

It too burst from the earth

With more fervor and purpose

It grew a little taller

Before it too, dropped on the surface

A third seed was placed

Deeper than the others

Maybe it would dig its roots deeper

It would be worth all the bother

Tall and strong, it became

But it was twisted and wild

Spreading like weed, corrupting his garden

He cut it down, aborting his child

He buried one final seed,

Too deep for water or light

He wanted to protect it

The earth he packed tight

It might never grow,

May never blossom or flourish

But he had to take time

His soul he had to nourish

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